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Double Dragonflies
26 July 2022

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Surreal Beach
30 March 2022

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Winter Farm
21 December 2021

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Moored At Sunset
4 September 2021

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15 August 2021

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A Spider Went To Heaven
7 October 2020

Recent Comments

Daniel on A Hard Turn
Formidable !!!!!

Darkelf Photography on Dunlin With Food
Wonderful image!

Florence on Dunlin With Food

Roger Dekert on Wave Curl
I feel like a surfer in the wave.... I have water full my screen and my desk!!!

Roger Dekert on Dunlin With Food
This take is awesome. I hope he was willing to share his food with you ;-)

Jason Kravitz on Wave Curl
awesome perspective down the pipe

Daniel on Dunlin With Food
Formidable !!!!!

Don Hudson on Symmetry Of Waves
Wonderful sweeping lines!

Ana Lúcia on Wave Curl

Anna Cherer on Wave Curl
Beautiful movement !

Daniel on Wave Curl
Magnifique !

Don Hudson on Trinity Church
Beautifully composed monochrome, superb range of values!

Babzy on Symmetry Of Waves
Beautiful movement capture

Daniel on Symmetry Of Waves
Joli cadrage !

Le Krop on Trinity Church
Très joli.

Ana Lúcia on Trinity Church
Amazing image. Love the b/w treatment.

Roger Dekert on Before The Tourist
The calm before the storm as they say in France :-)

Babzy on Herculean Sparrow!
Excellent ! Congratulations

Daniel on Herculean Sparrow!
LOL. nice one

Daniel on Before The Tourist
Cool !

Brian on Borden Flats Lighthouse

Ruthiebear on Herculean Sparrow!
Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT!

Roger Dekert on Borden Flats Lighthouse
This lighthouse is huge. I went to visit the interior thanks to the link indicated. I confirm, like Anna, I will spend ...

Roger Dekert on Herculean Sparrow!
Holala, I almost didn't see this photo and it would have been a shame. She is magnificent. A bird in full effort. ...

Florence Maugendre on Herculean Sparrow!
Awesome capture! Congratulations!

Anna Cherer on Borden Flats Lighthouse
Beautiful composition ! the interior of the lighthouse is very cosy ! I would like to spend a night !

Anna Cherer on Herculean Sparrow!
Congratulations ! well deserved spotlight !

Dimitrios on Herculean Sparrow!

[email protected]@ on Herculean Sparrow!
Congratulations. Well done.

[email protected]@ on Herculean Sparrow!
Congratulations. Well done.

Ana Lúcia on Herculean Sparrow!
Congratulations on the Spotlight!

Mhelene on Herculean Sparrow!
Wow...splendid !! Congratulations on your Spotlight !

Akbar&Armaghan on Herculean Sparrow!
Amazing capture by this 630 mm :)

Lougris on Herculean Sparrow!
Excellent !! bravo !!

Ana Lúcia on Herculean Sparrow!
Nice capture of its lunch time!

Anna Cherer on Herculean Sparrow!
Excellent timing ! Great capture !

Roger Dekert on Blue Flower
It's a beautiful shot. Very fine, aerial. The little extra, this beautiful spider's web that spins with these ...

Florence on Blue Flower
Gorgeous capture!

Ana Lúcia on Blue Flower
The DOF and focus are tremendous!

Jason Kravitz on Double Swans
photo finish!

Florence on Double Swans

Daniel on Double Swans
Magnifique !!!!

bruce millen on Twilight
Good one. I like the twist at the end.

Don Hudson on Cloudy
Superb monochrome, both clouds and reflections!

Daniel on Twilight
joli travail !!!

Roger Dekert on Westport River
What a view ! This panoramic format makes the landscape even grander.

rbassin on Westport River
belle image dans ce format panoramique.

Brian on Paddleboard Angler

Jason Kravitz on Paddleboard Angler
looks like a great platform to get some exercise and do some fishing fun that you stumbled into this one and could get ...

Luca Bobbiesi on Paddleboard Angler
excellent work!

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